T.S.A. @ Miami International Airport


                How to Protect Yourself from Theft
Overall, T.S.A., the Transportation Security Administration, does a good job, but theft still occurs. Below are some tips to keep you and your belongings safe:
• Listen to T.S.A.’s instructions and rules and keep your cool at all times. Don’t get belligerent with them!
Keep your valuables close to you and where you can see them. If you get patted down and you don’t like who is doing it, request a supervisor or someone else.
• Most theft occurs when carry-on baggage, full of valuables, like a laptop or jewelry, has to be checked at the gate. This can be for an oversized bag or if there’s not enough room in the overhead bins. The gate agent checks your carryon and, you as a passenger, have no choice but to do what they ask of you.
This where it gets interesting. The agent tags your bags and sends it down a large tube that attaches to the gate stairs where it is then loaded on to the plane. This is usually at the last minute, and bad employees may be profiling your bag, ready to steal from it or take the whole bag.
The tricky part is the airlines wouldn’t know where the theft took place. Was it at the station where your trip began or where you landed? They just don’t know.

I do know how to fix that problem, but for now, you, as a passenger, should keep your valuables on your person. Don’t “take a chance” by bringing on an oversized bag. You may end up losing more in the long run

Excerpted from the forthcoming memoir, The Baggage Handler.

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4 Responses to T.S.A. @ Miami International Airport

  1. wildinvirginia says:

    Good tip 🙂 Would love to know, how often are staff caught and what happens to them? I used to work at a bank and when staff stole they were usually just given a chance to resign … they didn’t want the bad publicity. Do airport staff grass on each other? I mean do the good tell on the bad or is it a look the other way thing?

  2. Felix says:

    Its been some time since last i saw you. I hope you’re doing better now than you were before. I have thought of you many times and wondered what had happened to you. Always considered you a good friend and someone with a good heart. I never saw malice in you. This is truly shocking to me, How you turned your life so upside down. I hope you’ve changed if not for yourself at least for your kids. I hope you have found some peace in your heart and mind, and are able to rest your head knowing you’ve done all you can to change your world. I also pray you have found God in your day to day life and seek him in all that you do. I’ll pray for you JJ and for your family. May God be with you and keep you.
    Much love

    • J J Gonzalez says:

      Good Morning Felix,

      My name is Iris. I was his girlfriend. The reason I am writing to you on James’ Blog is because I wanted to let all his bloggers know that he has passed away on Saturday, December 21, 2013. He has died of an pneumonia. His body was found in his apartment by his best friend Jay Valerio on Monday, December 23rd. He never mentioned to anyone that he was ill or feeling ill. It has been a devastation to me and all his love ones. He was my best friend and the greatest guy you could ever meet. I pray everyday that God has him in his Glory.

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