“Stuffed Flowers”

Stuff Flowers

These are LD3 container

These are LD3 container

How the Cartels Bring Their Drugs in Through U.S. Airports

Baggage used to be the most popular way to bring in drugs, but due to the reforms in airport security after 911 that is more difficult, but people still try. To work, it has to be the perfect set-up, and, even then, it might work once or twice but eventually they will get burned. There are just too many informants working in the airports for them to get away with it for long.

Cargo, however, is still viable, since it’s not policed as heavily. Crooked employees of established companies keep an eagle eye and identify how often various routes are inspected by Customs and Homeland Security.

A popular method of bringing in drugs is the “Piggyback Ride.” You place a small box of drugs inside a bigger box and ship that. As soon as employees have the opportunity, they take out the small box and seal up the bigger one. Then, it’s as though no one had ever touched the box.

Drugs are also placed inside the liners of cargo containers and inside pallets of things like fresh fish, engines, and truck tires — all of which would also help disguise the smell.

How do you take the drugs out of the warehouse? All you need is a driver with a flat-bed truck and fake invoices. Put the drugs in the company truck, drive a mile up the street, where your partner in crime is waiting for the exchange. The drugs change hands, and everyone drives off in different directions.If criminals get spooked and think the authorities are on to them, they will abandon their cargo.

In 1991 at American Airlines, a customer didn’t pick up his rose cargo after 10 days, so it was eventually dumped in the large waste container, as was normal at the time. A few employees noticed that the flowers were still alive and decided to grab some but got more than they expected. Cocaine had been shipped with the flowers. Soon there was a rush to get the free flowers (or was it the drugs?…). (A kilo of cocaine had a street value of about $22,000 – $24,000.) Eventually Customs found out and thereafter all international waste was dumped in a special container in a secure area. However, cocaine may still be coming in on roses. So if you ever buy flowers in Miami, don’t get too close or you might get more than you bargained for!

Interesting note: because of the measures put into place after the anthrax tragedy in 2001, it is nearly impossible to ship drugs in packages through the mail.

You’ll be able to read more about how the cartels shipped their drugs in my forthcoming memoir, The Baggage Handler.

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12 Responses to “Stuffed Flowers”

  1. charlypriest says:

    Always interesting reading, actually I´m going to Miami right now and buy myself a flower shop..see if I get a little present some day. Look forward to your book.

  2. Dave says:

    Back in the day arraingements were made for me and my then girlfriend to body pack some shit from Thailand to Hawaii. Seemed simple at the time. Swallow some quad bagged balloons and get on the plane. Never happened due to unforseen circumstances erupting, but I always wondered if we could have pulled it off. Guess it would have been better just shipping.

  3. wildinvirginia says:

    Damn … so there’s no point asking my family in England to post me some of the Cold and Flu remedy I just breezes through because it actually works and I can’t get it in the States?

    The thing I’ve always wondered – your probably the man to ask. How often do passenger checked bags get tampered with? There’s always that fear that someone behind scenes slips something in your bags to be retrieved mated. That’s.perpetuated with airline advice like not labelling your bags with your home address and destinations etc on the outside if your bags …. which is fine until you check them. They kinda need to be destination landlord then lol. I’ve also seen bags entirely wrapped in ceramwrap … I think that was through Japan. Does that stuff actually happen? Could that be why some bags go missing? Or is there ever the T.V movie scenario where someone turns up at your hotel to get back their shit?

    • J J Gonzalez says:

      No Worries, it’s only Cargo………JJ

      • wildinvirginia says:

        Oh lol … honestly only half of what we post internationally actually gets there. I feel like an international smuggler every time we send stuff. My Dad’s the best … his combination of contents versus what’s in there is hilarious. I lost three driving licenses until he decided to stuff it inside a bear for my kid. He said he thought about wearing a disguise to the Post Office. I told him to turn off the T.V 🙂

  4. Wow. I’m amazed by the ingenuity that goes into that kind of planning – a little scared too, but also amazed!

  5. thedj4461 says:

    great blog overall

  6. americaforus says:

    It is pathetic that these cartels resort to this.It seems that nothing is sacred these days. I just recently read about a California woman who had drugs taped under her car knowingly.

  7. David says:

    Your blog is a a great service to the ignorant (as in me)…An amazing disclosure…Also thanks for the follow…Much appreciated….David

  8. optimisticgladness says:

    This is really informative! It is sad how people strive so hard to break the law, to sneak and eventually hurt others, all for money. *sigh.

  9. helpfindmyniche says:

    This is definitely an avenue of transporting drugs. I’ve seen on tv that cartels also use submarines, glider planes, and even intricate underground tunnels to transport their product. They guys have endless resources and human power to supply the demand. Crazy.

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