El Jefe

el jefe



El Jefe was the boss of our operation.

I met him once in Bogota, Colombia, and I spoke to him four times on the phone. I don’t know very much about him — because I didn’t ask. Asking isn’t something you did. He was a man of mystery and planned to keep it that way.

He was well-connected in the Colombian government, had influence with the army generals, and connections all over the world.

Once when we had to move our operation from Venezuela to Panama, and we needed merchandise ASAP, within 24 hours the boss had 1000 kilos of cocaine in Panama ready to be shipped.

When I worked with him, he was in his early 40s, 5′ 10” and weighed about 165 lbs. His hair was thin and black with cruel streaks of grey.

He was soft-spoken with a calm personality, but never took “no” for an answer.

El Jefe appreciated my work and once said to me, “You’re always welcome in Colombia. Stay as long as you like. Your money is no good here.”

I felt as though he had just given me the keys to the country.

Excerpted from the forthcoming memoir, The Baggage Handler.

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7 Responses to El Jefe

  1. motheroutlaw says:

    Hello, this already has me reeled in. Is this fiction or is this really real? I look forward to reading it all over time. Thanks

  2. jayspen1901 says:

    That’s boss status when u can tell someone ur money is no good here in my country

  3. I love your blog, thanx for following mine too!!! Look forward to reading the book!!

  4. Yay. Found your blog again. Am starting to follow. Am assuming I should start at the beginning?

  5. Maria says:

    Its amazing to hear the degree of corruption that exists within a government.

  6. Haroun Risa says:

    Reblogged this on Haroun Risa and commented:
    This is Awesome! I just had to share!

  7. when is this memoir coming out?

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