American Airline “Cargo”

Drugs in Cargocargo 5

When I first got to Miami International Airport in September of 1990, AA Cargo was the most notorious place for drugs and thefts. Cocaine was brought in by the tons on our planes. High-value items like Rolex watches, gold coins, computers, guns etc. were stolen like a walk in a park. It was very easy!
I had a friend, Anna, who had worked at Burbank Airport, where I first started my career. I will never forget her kindness and friendship, which was unconditional.
One day I ran into her in Miami, where she now worked in cargo.
She said, “Cargo is the most dysfunctional place I have ever worked in my 25 years of employment. The merchandises comes in one door and goes out the other door in a flash. It’s shameful and ridiculous.”
She went on to say that the theft rate was close to 90%.
Today, I can say A.A. Cargo has gotten much better since 911. Everything is processed better and surveillance is in place. The DEA is also well aware cargo 6 that bad employees work in cargo.
However, there are still a lot of ways to get around the security. This is what I can help fix. I Can Weed out Those bad employees!

Excerpted from the forthcoming memoir, The Baggage Handler.

2 Responses to American Airline “Cargo”

  1. mdmusingsie says:

    Sounds like a definite “must read” for people like me who have traveled frequently. Kudos for turning your life around and hope you continue to stay on the side of light. Thanks for reading and following my blog as well. All the best.

  2. I’m so glad that I have never had anything missing from my luggage. Of course I don’t really have anything worth taking. It’s part of the starving actor thing I guess.

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