My DEA Handler “David”

Special Agent david

The Cast of Characters:

David was my other DEA handler.

David was an investigator. He gathered the facts and administered the cases I helped with. Don’t get me wrong, he was as tough as they come.

David chewed tobacco and listened to country music and, yes, drove a pick-up truck. He was a good ol’ boy — with a military background.

A natural leader, he was very professional and a nutcracker, if you know what I mean. He was tall and slim and looked a little like David Morse, the actor, but with less hair. Yes, at times I felt as though I were in a movie, but with no retakes!

The very week I became an informant for the DEA, David received the top cop award — DEA Special Agent of the Year!

At first David was not responsive to me — I was just another CI. But as we worked together to bring in serious cases, and he saw my will to do the right thing, he lightened up. We even became good friends. David is a supervisor now.  I once asked David, “What did you do to earn such a prestigious award?”

David replied, “I did my job!”

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